Yellow Antelope

The yellow antelope completed crossing the road when Michel Smith turned around with the new track he got. He was on his way to a meeting and decided to take a shortcut through the yellow antelope reservation. Michel exit his car very surprised to watch this amazing animal with its beautiful horns, strong back and such a powerful legs that can reach up to a velocity close to 120 miles per hour. The yellow antelope, when notice Michel, had started to decrease its steps looking around in the village direction.

When Michel returned home he first thing opened a nature book to read some stuff regarding the yellow antelope. It became clear that the yellow antelope is considered as an extinct mammal. According to notes that were disclosed lately in a yellow antelope place in France it appears that this animal is a pretty ancient one. Actually there are a few proofs that the yellow antelope appeared on earth at least 1500 years ago.

In the evening on his way back Michel took again the road via the yellow antelope reservation. He turned off his track at the same point where the yellow antelope has crossed in the morning, and look around to see maybe he will see it up again. But that didn't happen. Michel entered his car and wanted to press the gas and hit the road when out of nowhere the yellow antelope came out and walk across the bushes for few minutes before it has disappeared again.